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Students find your business easily

Location based search puts you on the students' radar.

Whether the student searches at home or while roaming.

Grab Students' Attention

Post deals and coupons.

Use built-in coupon creator.

Keep Your Offer Fresh and Interesting

Unlimited number of deals.

Change your photos and coupons easily and as often as you want.


Upload menus, service charts, or photos.

Tell students what is new. Post on your News/Event feed to keep students in the know.


Include your unique URL on your website or FaceBook page.

Use your StudentMoola page as your website.

Poster for your window or register with QR code that loads your page right to students' cell phone.

If you are a student organization, you can maintain a place on our site to announce activities and the like for free. You'll be asked to provide us with validation from the school that your organization or club is chartered and authorized by the school. Your club's participation will continue for one year from the time it is setup and must be renewed every year - but that's easy to do.

We never advertise tobacco, illegal drugs, or pornographic products.